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Why Do You Want to Own or Already Own an Assisted Living Business?

The reason is the most important factor in any action. Intent = Impact. Your assisted living (AL) business idea or existing AL business is not exempt. Knowing why you are even moving forward with wanting to start an AL business or why you started the AL business you already have one, will help you stay committed to your mission and help your team see themselves in your vision.

“He who has a why can endure any how.” -- Frederick Nietzsche

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs are created. Some want a lifestyle that isn’t bound to a nine-to-five, others want more control over their financial success, and some others want independence and autonomy. To simplify all entrepreneur's reasons: FREEDOM.

That was ours why. We wanted to use the vehicle of entrepreneurship to create more freedom and abundance in our lives, leave a legacy our children can depend on to be prepared for whatever comes their way, and positively impact the lives of others.

As Assisted Living Business Owners, we can set our own goals that we know we can realistically achieve with a team we can choose.

I needed the freedom to make decisions or changes with a bunch of overhead, which may not personally feel the impact of their decisions. I needed the freedom to go to all of my kids' events at any hour of the day I may need to. I needed the freedom to get what I put into my work out.

And I have the freedom to do it all now.

You can have that same freedom of your why. But what is your why?

Why do want to or did you start an assisted living business? Will or is your ALB helping you accomplish your why?

Mo ; - )

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