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Do You Have Any Chill?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

As an assisted living business owner, you have to know when to chill and how to chill.

You are the light in your life. Don't burn yourself out going into overdrive.

I'm passionate about my work, so when I decide to work on a product or build a company; I enjoy it so much that I can go into overdrive because I can't stop until I meet that goal.

But when I start overworking, I start getting frustrated and what I enjoy starts feeling like work. I stop flowing as the me that's going to get these goals met.

I am the golden goose and you are too. Every part of this goose needs to be babied and nurtured, so I can keep putting out those golden eggs, like my businesses.

Physical, mental, spiritual, financial, emotional, social, and environmental. Be realistic about tending to them. You cannot tend to anyone else's needs until you make yourself a priority, that's people, places, or things.

We're talking your assisted living business in this post. I'm going to nickname it ALB because I'm tired of typing it out. Ha!

Anyway, you can't give your new or existing ALB what it needs. If all of your personal needs aren't met. You'll have competing priorities and won't have the right characteristics for the job.

Because you do need certain characteristics for this business. Check out which ones you need here.

Mo ; - )

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